Why Winnipeg?
g State university
g Small class sizes
g Teaching excellence
g Affordability… relatively low tuition costs and low
   cost of living
g The University of Winnipeg placed 2nd in Western
   Canada and 12th overall among primarily
   undergraduate universities.
g Our graduates rank Winnipeg in the Top
   Ten of all Canadian universities when
   asked about their entire  educational experience
   here (MacLean's magazine, Nov 2006).
g One of Canada’s leading newspapers, The Globe
   and Mail, gives The University of Winnipeg top
   marks in these areas
  • Class sizes: A+
  • Quality of education: A
  • Faculty-student interaction: A-
  • Teaching quality: A-
  • Student satisfaction: A
g  Specializes in undergraduate studies in Arts, Science and Education and preparation for
    professional programs, such as Medicine and Law
g  Over 800 courses in more than 40 program areas
The University of Winnipeg received its charter in 1967 but its roots date back more than 130 years.
University Programs
Undergraduate Degrees: Arts, Science, and Education
Master's Degrees: Theology, Marriage & Family Therapy
Joint Masters Programs (with the University of Manitoba): History, Public Administration, and    
Religious Studies
Joint & Applied Programs: (with Red River College): Administrative Studies, Child Development & Child Care, Communications, Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Environmental Studies,  
Business Teacher Education, Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher Education, Aboriginal Language 
Stream Program, and Vocational Teacher Education Program
 Aboriginal Governance
 Applied Computer Science
 Business & Administration
 Classics (Greek and Roman Studies)
 Conflict Resolution Studies
 Criminal Justice
 Dance - see Theatre & Film: Dance  
 Program Stream  
 Developmental Studies
 Engineering (Dual degree program with  
 University of Minnesota)
 Environmental Studies / Urban Studies
 French Studies
 German-Canadian Studies 
 German Studies 
 History of Art
 International Development Studies
 Italian Studies  
 Kinesiology and Applied Health 
 Mathematics & Statistics
 Mennonite Studies
 Modern Languages and Literatures  
 Religious Studies 
 Rhetoric and Communications
 Spanish Studies
 Statistics - see Mathematics & Statistics 
 Theatre & Film
 Theatre & Film: Dance Program Stream 
 Urban Studies
 Women's & Gender Studies
 Pre-Professional & Preparatory Studies
 Dental Hygiene
 Medical Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy
 Medical Rehabilitation: Respiratory Therapy
 Occupational Therapy
 Social Work
 Veterinary Science
Student Housing
UWinnipeg student residences consist of nine thoughtfully renovated neighborhood houses on Balmoral St., Spence St., Furby St., and three floors of Lions Manor. A HomeStay program also places students with suitable Winnipeg host families. The University also operates an Off-Campus Housing Registry annually from May to September
The City of Winnipeg
Ä   Has a population of about 700,000
Ä Capital of the province of Manitoba, which is known as Canada's friendly province
Ä Home to people from over 40 different countries
Ä One of the world's top 10 beaches within an hour's drive
Ä Mild springs, hot summers, colorful falls, and snowy, cold, and bright winters
Ä Outdoor sports like hockey, swimming, cycling, skating, tobogganing, and fishing
Ä Purest air and cleanest drinking water of any North American city over 500,000 people
Ä Great shopping at the city's malls and in shopping districts like Osborne Village, Corydon, and
     Winnipeg's French quarter St. Boniface   
Tuition & Rela
                                               (Canadian Dollar)          (Ringgit Malaysia)
Application fee               $      125.00               RM       375.00
Arts & Education tuition               $   6,656.40               RM  19,970.00
Science tuition               $   7,667.80               RM  23,003.00
Registration fee               $      125.00               RM       375.00
Books               $     1,535.00               RM      4,605.00
(1 Canadian Dollar= RM3.00*)
Total :           Arts & Education:$8,441.40       (RM 25324.00)   
                    Science               :$9,452.00       (RM 28,356.00)
Estimated Living Expenses for an academic year (eight months) for an individual Student – including Medical Health Insurance, Accommodation
and food : $ 4,948 (RM 16,000).
Student Loans, Scholarships & Bursaries
g International students are eligible for some entrance scholarships, including the Special Entrance Scholarships, based on excellent academic standing.
g International students who have completed at least one term of study and who have demonstrated financial need may apply to the “International Student 
Bursary Program” for financial assistance.
g After completing one year (two terms) at The University of Winnipeg, international students can apply for a wide range of undergraduate awards and scholarships for continuing students.
Employment Opportunities
All international students may apply for jobs on campus. After six months as a full-time student here, you may apply for a permit to work off campus.
Application deadlines:
Fall Term         :           May 31
 Winter Term    :          September 30
Spring/Summer:          January 31
Admission Procedure
For a full description, please refer to WisDen EduPark sdn bhd
Email:  enquiry@wisden.com.my
University homepage: www.uwinnipeg.ca