The Institute
• first School in the South of Italy offering various Degrees in interior design, industrial design,
  graphics and fashion design and promoting research and initiatives in this field.
• teaching at ISD combines long experience with the most advanced teaching methods.
• range of courses offered include: three-year general courses, one-year intensive
, and a number of workshops held by visiting professors representing the most
  different trends on the international scene, which cover particular aspects of the designing
  activities or investigate the present scenario and the technical and technologic innovations.

ISD strives to create fruitful co-operations with the institutions, the world of industry, craftsmen and professional associations, in order to adjust the contents of its teaching to the transformations of the market, of the new marketable goods and the changing models of comfort.

Through the wide range of its activities - exhibitions, conferences, and workshops - ISD means to promote itself as a centre for innovation and experimentation both on the national and international level.

The General Courses and special Masters of ISD give students the opportunity to get an up-to-date and tailored professional training by means of:

intensive practice in real situations, real and virtual experimental tests in dedicated
visits to and stages at building sites, factories, research centres; special
workshops and regular meetings with designers, architects, graphic designers, fashion
  designers, who are not part of the teaching staff of the school and who are renowned for their
  competence and commitment
• an innovative teaching approach, which gives students the opportunity to build their own
   learning path through the combination of many different experiences -  thus tailoring their
   curriculum to their own interest and the needs of the market.

The Programmes
The Istituto Superiore di Design in the fields of fashion, design, media art and communication design offers the following courses in English Language

Academic Courses

Master Courses: One year postgraduate courses for students who already have strong previous education in the field but wish to attend an advanced specialized programme.
Courses offered:
• Media Design
• Graphic Design

Intensive Course: One year academic courses for students who have no specific basic knowledge, wish to acquire a complete training and have limited time availability.
Courses offered:
Graphic Design
Corporate Identity
Web Design
Vido Design
• Animation 2D

Summer Courses: One month courses are structured in a way that offers a significant and complete experience in the field.
Courses offered:
Graphic Design
Web Design

Istituto Superiore Di Design also offers 3 year courses in Graphic Design, Media Design, Animation and Video Media Design in Italian.

Admission Requirements
Master Courses :
University transcripts and degree or at least two years experience in a field related to the Master chosen, curriculum Vitae and Portfolio 10-15 design projects enables to gain an idea of creative potential and imagination, as well as technical skills.

   Master Courses:
  Intensive Courses:
  Summer Courses:           

Enrolment Fee
Tuition Fee

Accommodation Arrangement
The School helps the students to find apartments or residence housing once enrolment is completed. The choice varies:
Residence from 500 per month
Women’s Convent from 300 per month
Shared flats from 200 per month

Student Budget
International students should budget an estimated cost of €700/€900 per month to cover the general cost of living.

Admission Procedure
For a full description of the admission procedure, please refer to
EduPark sdn bhd
   Email: enquiry@wisden.com.my

University homepage: www.isdnapoli.it