In Italy the term "Politecnico" means a state university consisting only of study courses in Engineering and Architecture


The University
• Established in 1863 by a group of scholars and entrepreneurs belonging to prominent Milanese    families.
• Is a science and technology university producing engineers, architects and industrial
  designers through a variety of innovative specialising courses, with great attention being
  devoted to all sides of education
• The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 42,000, which makes the
   Politecnico di Milano the largest institution in Italy for Engineering, Architecture and Industrial
• Its most eminent professors over the years have included the mathematician Francesco Brioschi
  (its first Director), Luigi Cremona, and Giulio Natta (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963)

University Structure
• Organised in 18 departments and a network of 9 Schools of Engineering, Architecture and
   Industrial Design spread over 7 campuses over the Lombardy region with a central 
   Administration and management.
• The 9 schools are devoted to education whereas the 18 departments are devoted to research
• Now ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering,
  Architecture and Industrial Design
, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading
  research institution worldwide
• There are several teaching and research areas in which the Politecnico has distinguished itself
   in the past, which have fuelled a tradition of excellence that has been progressively
   updated: developing excellence and at the same time striking alliances with other Italian and
   foreign universities and research centres
• This alliance is becoming increasingly important in Europe, where the Politecnico takes part in
   many research and training projects with the best qualified European universities, as well as
   expanding to other countries: from North America to South East Asia
• In this way, the students of "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University become citizens of the
   world, offering companies the opportunity to hire skilled people to compete with their
   colleagues from other nations, while also facilitating international relationships of Italian
• In order for this challenge to be successful, we have started a "hospitality" policy, which is
   progressively making accommodation, internships and apprenticeships available to students,
   in collaboration with local businesses.

School / Departments
• Aerospace Engineering
• Architectural Projects
• Architecture & Planning
• BioEngineering
• Building & Environment Science & Technology(BEST)
• Chemistry, Materials & Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta”
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics & Information
• Energetics
• Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering, Road Infrastructures, Surveying
• Industrial Design, Arts, Communication & Fashion (INDACO)
• Management, Economics & Industrial Engineering
• Mathematics “Francesco Brioschi”
• Mechanics
• Nuclear Engineering
• Physics
• Structural Engineering

Undergraduate (“Laurea”)
These are conducted exclsuively in Italian

Postgraduate ("Laurea Magistrale")
These are conducted in English

Postgraduate Programs Conducted in English
• Master of Science in Architecture
• Master of Science in Buiding Engineering
• Master of Science in Civil Engineering
• Master of Science in Computer Engineering
• Master of Science in Environmental and Land Use Engineering
• Master of Science in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
• Master of Science in Materials Engineering
• Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
• Master of Science in Product-Service-Systems Design
• Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design

Specializing Masters
• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Master of Strategic Design
• International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM)
   Specializing Master, selected by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Master
   Course Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Madrid-Spain), Politecnico di Milano (Milan-Italy) and
   Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm-Sweden) - 2 years

• Master in Strategic Project Management (MSPME)
   Specialising Master, selected by the European Commission as an Eramus Mundus Matser
   Course Heriot-Watt University, Politecnico di Milano, Umea University - 16 months

Alta Scuola Politecnica
The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) is a joint institution of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, addressed to those young talents who want to develop their interdisciplinary capabilities for leading and promoting innovation.

The ASP aims to be an answer to the growing demand of Public Administrations and enterprises for young talents capable to face complex and multifaceted problems.
Therefore, the ASP has strict connections with Public Administrations and the enterprises in Lombardy and Piedmont, considered as one of the most developed macro-regions in Europe.

The ASP runs in parallel to the two-year courses of laurea magistrale and adds 30 credits (15 gained from courses and 15 from a multidisciplinary project work) to the 120 acquired during the regular study courses.

The ASP has an interdisciplinary approach: there will be one single class, composed by students coming from Engineering, Architecture and Design.

Each year ASP selects 150 promising students enrolled in the first year of a laurea magistrale
course in Engineering, Architecture and Design either at the Politecnico di Milano or at Politecnico
di Torino.

Fee Waivers
Fee-waivers are offered to all ASP students.
The fee waiver concerns both the tuition fees of the laurea magistrale of Politecnico di Milano (up to roughly 3.000,00 € per year) and the tuition fees of ASP (€ 3.000,00 per year).

In addition, foreign students receive support for their accommodation, in the form of admission free of charge to a student residence or, in case places are not available, in the form of a grant.

All ASP students are also provided with a budget for their multidisciplinary projects, whose allocation is defined by the team and agreed upon with tutors.

ASP students will be able to take full advantage of all the services and structures such as libraries, laboratories, sport facilities, at both Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino.

Tuition Fees
Students pay University tuition fees according to their family income.
• There are 10 different income classes; fees range from €792 to €3,128 per year for
   the Master of Science programs offered by the Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Design.
• Specializing Masters are more expensive.

Scholarships for Foreign Students
Every year there is the opportunity to apply for specific scholarships offered to international students. Students obtaining a scholarship will have to pay only a nominal tuition fee of €140 .

Scholarhips for Master of Science


50 scholarships of €10.000 (gross amount) a year for two years and
50 scholarships of €8,000 (gross amount) a year for two years for
   foreign students applying to Master of Science programmes held on the Como and Lecco   

Como/Lecco Programmes taught in English
• Building Engineering
• Management Economics and Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Civil Engineering

2.  POLITECNICO Scholarships
40 scholarships covering accommodation for foreign students applying to Master of
   Science programmes held on the Milano Campus (Leonardo or Bovisa). The scholarships will be
   used to cover accommodation costs with one of the Student Residences with which the
   Politecnico di Milano has signed specific agreements.

• The school for Talent of the Politecnico di Milano (a joint venture with the Politecnico di Torino)
   provides scholarships to 23 top-level foreign students that have been admitted first in a Master
   of Science programme and secondly to the ASP, covering tuiton fees, accomodation expenses,
   and project-related activities

Scholarships for PhD Programmes
20 scholarships for foreign students applying to selected PhD programs
• Yearly scholarships of €10,561.54 (gross amount)

Scholarships for Specializing Masters
7 scholarships for Chinese students applying to the Master of Strategic Design (MDS).   
  Covering tuition fees

Admission Procedure
For a full description of the admission procedure, please refer to
WisDen EduPark sdn bhd   Email:  enquiry@wisden.com.my

University homepage: www.polimi.it/english