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Why choose CEU Business School?

Our Commitment & Vision
Established in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders, including George Soros, CEU Business
   School was the first in the region to offer management education, leading to an MBA degree.
• Committed to providing a continuous source of networking opportunities through our close ties
   with the local and regional business communities.
• CEU annually enrolls around 1000 students from more than 70 countries.
• CEU faculty comprises over 200 Professors from some 30 countries.

Our Internationalism
• Instruction entirely in English.
• Prominent faculty from a dozen countries.
• Each intake of students represents more than two dozen countries, from four continents.
• Alumni found in 45 nations around the world.
• Executive MBA program ranked #11 in the world by the Financial Times.
• Exchange programs and dual-degree programs with many partner schools in North America
   and Western Europe enhance the international experience.

Our Location
• Budapest -  a vibrant, dynamic, cultural capital and regional business hub; home to 47 of the
   world’s top 50 multinational corporations, many with regional head offices located here.
• The Business School is just minutes away from the heart of the city’s financial district and from
   most entertainment areas.  Modern facilities housed in the quiet, green Buda side of the river.
• As one of the newest members of the European Union, Hungary is a gateway to countries east
   and south who are still emerging and will eventually be acceding to the EU.
• Home to hundreds of Alumni who occupy top positions, and who network with our new students
   year after year.


• MSc in IT Management
• Executive MBA (International Masters in Management)
• Dual Undergraduate Degree- Italian Degree (Laurea) in International Economics and
   Management (DIEM) from Bocconi, and an American Bachelor of Business  Administration from
   CEU, a U.S.-accredited University.

ranked by QS TopMBA as one of the top 40 - out of thousand
   plus - business schools in Europe

11 month program without sacrificing academic quality
Dynamic student body of high-achievers from two dozen countries.
Small class sizes & good program balance of management theories &
   practical skills, with focus on emerging and transition economies of the
Interactive learning environment, with a good balance of case study, 
   teamwork and individual development.
Paid Internships (for up to 6 months) available during or after study
Opportunity for Exchange Programs and Dual Degrees
Taught entirely in English by an International teaching faculty
Scholarships available – up to €4000
Close ties to the local and regional business communities give students
   access to information, networks and jobs.

MSc in IT Management
11 month program
American management degree, focused on management rather than
Provides a unique blend of technology and business management skills
   development, with additional emphasis placed on building
   entrepreneurship and “intrapreneurship” proficiencies.
Strong industry involvement and executive participation
Nokia and GE provide substantial funds for the program
Both the program content and innovative teaching methods are
   innovative, such as in-company internships (paid), student managed
   investment funds, senior industry executive round table
   meetings and presentations, venture capitalist monitoring and inter-
   campus exchanges are pivotal to the success of the program
Targeted primarily to those who are currently working in the IT and
   Telecos fields, or who have an interest in these areas.
Taught entirely in English by international teaching faculty
Current CEO of Unilever and ex-CEO of Coca Cola teach on the program
Scholarships available – up to €3000

IMM (International Masters in Management)  - Executive MBA

Executive MBA program ranked #11 in the world by
the Financial Times.

A unique integrated degree-granting program of advanced study in
management for experienced professionals who seek to obtain a master's
degree in management while maintaining their full-time job responsibilities in
their organizations.

draws participants from all parts of the United States and Europe, as well
   as from Canada, Latin America, and Asia, providing rich opportunities for
is meant for high-potential and senior managers at various stages of
   their careers;
focuses on techniques immediately applicable to the participants' work
develops the problem-solving skills critical to career advancement;
provides Internet-based communications during off-campus time so that
   learning and interaction can continue;
eliminates the frequent commuting and continual distraction from job
   responsibilities that are associated with the typical evening or
   alternating-weekend executive MBA program schedule;
minimizes interference with the participants' ongoing job-related travel

Designed for the Working Executive:
The Program’s schedule was developed to ensure maximum focus on campus but minimal
disruption to your work. The Program focuses on analytical techniques that are immediately
applicable to the participants’ work setting. Case studies and on-the-job managerial situations
are key components.

A Truly International Program:

IMM represents the most international executive MBA, with every aspect of the program
being international: participants, campuses, faculty, curriculum, and degrees. Participants attend
six two-week residencies interspersed over an 18-month period. The residencies are held on the
campuses of the partner institutions in the US, The Netherlands, Budapest and Hanover.

Continuous learning:

Learning and interaction can continue during off-campus time, thanks to the computer-based communication linkage between students and faculty.

Two MBA degrees:

The IMM Program leads to a dual degree: an American MBA from Purdue University and a European MBA from Tias Business School/Tilburg University, or Graduate School of Business of Central European University.

IMM is fully accredited - through Purdue University - by AACSB International, the Association to
Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the US based accrediting body for both
undergraduate and graduate management programs.

IMM is a joint venture of four top leading international business schools...
Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, USA’s principles and
   accomplishments have placed it among the top 10 schools in the US (Wall Street Journal,
   Business Week).
• The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Tilburg University is ranked
   number one in The Netherlands,
and Tias Business School is prominent in executive
   education in Europe, both in Executive Master and tailor-made company-commissioned
CEU Business School has played, and continues to play, a pivotal role in relating global
   management education to the realities and continuing challenges of doing business in Central
   and Eastern Europe as the nations in the region make the transition from centrally-planned to
   market economies.
GISMA Business School is the first public/private partnership in Germany, initiated by the
   German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and several heads of large German companies and

October 2005 - Financial Times Ranking of Executive MBAs
In the Financial Times Ranking of Executive MBA Programs of October 2005, the IMM
International Executive MBA Program ranks #16 in the world, #7 in the US and #7 among European programs. Moreover - for the third year in a row - IMM ranks #1 world-wide for 'international course experience'.  This is a truly international Executive MBA !

Dual Undergraduate Degree

2 degrees from 2 different parts of the world…
EU-accredited Italian Laurea Degree in International Economics & Management (DIEM), American-accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

• Upon completion of this program, students will receive an: Italian Degree (Laurea) in
   International Economics and Management (DIEM) from Bocconi, and an American  
   Bachelor of Business Administration from CEU, a U.S.-accredited University.

• First European-American undergraduate program that innovatively combines the study of EU
   business practices and American management style, with the challenges of the emerging
• The first 2 years of the program will be delivered at the Business School of Central European
   University in Budapest, Hungary, and the final 2 years at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
   in Milan, Italy.

Entrance Requirements

Master degree
• Applicants to Master’s programs must have a Bachelor’s degree and possess more than 2-3
   years of work experience.
• English proficiency with TOEFL or IELTS test scores.
• An acceptable GMAT score

Undergraduate degree
• SPM or “O” level equivalent
• Students with “A” levels or equivalent qualification may be exempted for Year 1
• Students with 2 year- ADP program or equivalent qualification may be exempted for Year 1
• English proficiency with TOEFL or IELTS test scores.

Fee Structure


€   14,300

MSc in IT Management

€  7,600


€   48,000

BSc in International Business – dual degree

€   6,500

Additional Fee
General Deposit

    € 300

Living Cost (per annum)
Estimated Living cost

    € 5000

Partial financial aid, ranging from €1,000 to €5,000, is awarded on academic-merit basis

Accommodation Facilities
CEU has a hotel- style dormitory accommodation equipped with indoor heated swimming pool, dining facilities, convenience store and other amenities.

Admission Procedure

For a full description of the admission procedure, please refer to
WisDen EduPark sdn bhd  Email:  enquiry@wisden.com.my

University homepage: www.ceubusiness.com